Nowadays, clients of consulting companies usually expect fast and effective methods of work, permanently improving the situation of their company. This means that all actions taken should be highly individualized actions, because there are no universal patterns of behavior that match equally all companies on the market (even within the same industry). However, the still dominant and the most widespread model on the Polish market is the offer of activities related to the implementation of a typical model by the company. Such a course, of course, reduces the costs of consulting companies, but is paid for by a significant “drop in the quality” of the product offered. What distinguishes our activities from such a “typical” model is working as an external working team, constituting the operationally “integral” cell of the client’s company. Such a set system allows on the one hand to obtain high quality work – binding all activities in “one hand” it is easier to plan and implement individual stages of work, on the other it turns out to be definitely cheaper than the traditional model, also because many activities undertaken in this model they realize full-time employees of the client.

23 years of experience

Our experience in this field began in Poland in 1997 and from that moment until today we provide our clients with the best quality solutions. Our services are used by both small and large companies from many different industries. Invariably, regardless of the size of the company and the industry in which it operates, together we develop unique solutions strictly dedicated to a specific customer. The quality of our services is evidenced by the constantly growing number of our partners and their business results. We have been working with many clients for many years, ensuring their sustainable growth at every stage of company development.

“The mission of Peter Cook Consulting Spółka z o.o. is to provide Business Customers with the highest quality solutions in the area of ​​strategic development based on the effective use of enterprise resources.”

CEO & Founder – Wojciech Zalech

Zalech Holdings

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