Customer Experience Test with the Brand

Nowadays, the definitions of the company’s success sources have undergone a deep reappraisal. Along with the changing market and the transition from the product and marketing market to the customer market understood as the market for brand value, it was necessary to make far-reaching changes in the design of processes that would enable this success to be achieved. In the era of ubiquitous social media and instant interpersonal contacts, a man who is understood as a client who is easy to share his experiences with the brand in public has come to the fore. This situation caused the need to precisely determine the desired experiences expected by customers, because only such experiences will result in purchasing decisions on which the companies depend. The professional identification of these needs is the starting point for constructing effective marketing plans and final financial success. As part of these activities, we carry out focus tests in the relevant groups of the Company’s clients, determining the key factors determining the formation of purchase decisions.

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