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Group on Facebook

You will have the opportunity to join my group on Facebook, where even after the training you will be able to ask questions about the knowledge you have acquired. In addition, the group aims to bring together entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, so in addition, you will be able to familiarize other experts and can do a lucrative interest for both parties.

3 days training in form of an eBook

I prepared eBook version training for everyone from outside of Poland. This is exactly the same training that I run in Poland, based on American practices. I came to the conclusion that the knowledge I provide should be available globally so that everyone can raise their qualifications and acquire the appropriate competence in professional sales and management.

In the eBook you will find theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge and exercises that I conduct during training.

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The training materials below include the combination of 21 years of experience of our trainers in building business strategies with an operational and young look at activities carried out in social media. You can be sure that they are not further guides on how to try to sell products on the internet. These are professionally prepared tools to build a high market position, which at this level have so far been available only to the highest level managers.

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