System Solutions Countering Rotation

Reward system: w based on strategic and operational assumptions, we define the directions of operational work of employees in particular departments that are critical for the Company, we parameterize the expected results, creating consistent, non-linear bonus programs rewarding sustainable professional development of individual people.

Work Periodic Assessment System: is usually an extension of the Reward System and is based on the assessment of the employee’s work in a longer time horizon (most often one year). As the guiding principle of the Assessment System, we assume sustainable employee development in three key areas from the organization’s point of view:

Quantitative results – closely related to the Reward System
Qualitative results – assessment of the quality of work throughout the assessed period – carried out by the STAR method recommended by us
Personal development – achievement of assumed competence standards or frequency of application of specific competences.

Employment and promotion policy – individual development paths: we develop the assumptions of the recruitment policy as well as horizontal and vertical promotion. We help in professional preparation of the managerial staff to conduct recruitment processes in the company or we conduct such processes ourselves. By specifying Individual Career Paths for each position in the Company, we design professional and personal development plans for employed employees. We define the assumptions of vertical promotion – competitions inside and outside the company and the horizontal – development of natural predispositions of employees. We help in the preparation of mechanisms that inhibit rotation within the organization.

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