Targeting The Wealthiest Clients

The training materials below include the combination of 22 years of experience of our trainers in building business strategies with an operational and young look at activities carried out in social media. You can be sure that they are not another guides on how to try to sell products on the internet. These are professionally prepared tools for building a high market position, which at this level have so far been available only to the highest level of managers.

What will you find in the eBook?

Practical knowledge:

  • Of creating marketing strategies aimed at selling your products or services to the wealthiest customers;
  • How to target potential customers on Facebook;
  • How to target the wealthiest customers through Facebook Ads in your city, country or abroad;
  • In the field of using consumer insights;
  • How to collect data from the internet for use in your advertising campaigns;
  • How to analyze user data collected by Facebook;
  • How to increase sales and thus profits thanks to the Facebook Ads campaign;
  • Of using advanced Facebook Ads settings to target the wealthiest.

Build your advantage with targeting the wealthiest!

Wealthy people like the middle class often buy online. They work that way because of the amount of time they can save and which they can spend on multiplying their assets. Wealthy people operate on relatively simple principles. They create assets that “put” their money into their wallets and not liabilities that “take out” their money. Thanks to this thinking, risk management and the profit and cost account play a very important role in their investments. If a product is able to reduce their costs and, for example, reduce their time of performing a specific activity, then wealthy people are very eager to buy a given product, because in the further action plan it will maximize their profit. Thanks to this eBook you will learn what products are bought by the wealthiest customers, how to create offers for wealthy people which will interest them, but above all you will learn how to reach the wealthiest customers via Facebook.

For whom are my training eBooks?


Graphic artists, bloggers, musicians, influencers, everyone who builds their personal brand and wants to exist, promote themselves in Social Media


Owners of small and medium-sized companies who want to acquire new customers and start advertising their brand in Social Media.


Marketing department managers who want to learn how to get their brand’s “followers” on Facebook.

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