Training & Coaching

“Hard” Training

They concern widely understood “tools” used in various areas of the company’s operations and constitute a “development” of the “soft” training area

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“Soft” Training

They concern broadly understood persuasive communication, i.e. one in which both partners achieve their goals and have a sense of “win-win” situation. They form the basis for further development of competences in any of the thematic areas.

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It is an essential element of any competency acquisition process. In our work, we effectively use two types: individual coaching and operational coaching.

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Individual Cooperation

To find out details about cooperation with Peter Cook Consulting Spółka z o.o. in the field of Training & Coaching, we encourage you to make a non-binding contact.

Thanks to this you will learn what is in our offer, what we pay special attention to, why we want cooperation to be used together and most importantly you will learn how much we can help you increase the profits of your company through simple operational activities.

And this is what business is all about, right?

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