Development Strategies

Schemes of Development Strategy

Coordination of activities in the process of creating short and long-term development strategies of the client organization, based on measurable pro-growth indicators, characteristic for a given individual situation of the company.

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Schemesof the Organizational Structure

Coordinating activities aimed at developing the optimal organizational structure of the client’s company in terms of macro – a block diagram of the company, as well as micro-organization of individual departments, capable of performing the operational tasks set before it and achieving the assumed strategic goals..

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Communication Inside the Organization

Development of efficient information flow channels in the company, both in the classic approach – vertical and project communication – communication in project teams and outside of the teams.

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Individual Cooperation

To find out details about cooperation with Peter Cook Consulting Spółka z o.o. within the scope of Development Strategies, we encourage you to make a non-binding contact.

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